I always love the variety of options you provide! Looking forward to adding tahini to mine - that sounds like a lovely sweet-savory combo.

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Ooh, the possibilities! I'm all for a less-expensive alternative to the store-bought ones that have gotten SERIOUSLY out-of-control pricey. Thanks, Jack -- I'll let you know which one I make. Decision-making is often a challenge for me; I call it Blockbuster Syndrome. (I used to go to Blockbuster Video to find a movie for the evening, then walk out two hours later, empty-handed...:-)

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Jan 26Liked by Jack McNulty

Making all of these! Broadway dancers have to keep their energy up without feeling too full, you know. 😉 Bless you for including tahini subs! We are a tahini averse family and I'm always unsure which nut butter to sub. I usually go with cashew, but it's nice to know that for these balls/bars any nut butter will do. Will let you know how they turn out. 🙂

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Yes I love making my own energy ball and granola bars. Thank you for sharing these recipes Jack! I'm so excited to try your combinations. Thank you again, these sound and look delicious.

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Jack! This is such a useful post. I love making energy balls, too, especially re-creating favorite cookie recipes in ball form. (So far, I've done peanut blossoms and Russian tea cakes. 😋)

That cashew recipe sounds fantastic. I may have to try that one next! Definitely saving this post to have on hand for reference the next time I want to experiment. (I used to be a granola bar addict but stopped eating them mostly because of what you pointed out about ingredients...sugar and sugar with more sugar, anyone? 😮)

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Yes, actually, I am the worst kind at saying no, you do not want to know, lol!



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Another nuttin´ burger, tank you, sank you very much, nom nom nom!

My silent screams might be a perfect soundrack to the next Plandemic MAGAphoned!

That is why I must be the good guy, right? Do not try this at home, as Beavis and Butthead would advise!

Being the good guy among so many bad guys really freaks me out, gives me the creeps! And then I testify on the inflated Weaponization of BullSkirt in the Dungeon Subcommittee hot spa meeting .... go figure!


I gotta go to Iceland one more time to chill the fook out!

Iceland the way you have never seen or even imagined, all in the DELUXE Special Limited Edition!




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