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I worked for an Italian chef named Angelo at the beginning of my career as a Chef. He told me an interesting story about the difference between a French cook and an Italian cook:

“The French cook picks up a perfect tomato, looks at it carefully and comes up with 4 or 5 ways to make a perfect sauce. The Italian cook picks up a perfect tomato, looks at it, smells it, stares at it intently while gently caressing the skin…then puts it down, looks up at the sky while rubbing his unshaven face, pulls out a cheap serrated knife and slices the tomato in half. He puts a bit of sea salt on one half and simply eats it.”

I like sharing this story because it illuminates the many paths an aspiring cook can take to create something delicious – and it doesn’t matter if it is simple or complicated. What matters the most is understanding good cooking (and eating) is mostly about obtaining quality ingredients and knowing what to do with them.

That simple lesson from Angelo eventually became my cooking and teaching philosophy I try to pass along to anyone willing to listen to me – invest time in finding the best ingredients you can afford, keep preparations simple and always taste, taste, taste. And that is exactly what I am trying to accomplish through this publication: create a trusted source of information to help you find quality and seasonal ingredients, offer detailed recipes that work and taste great, and help my readers focus on what to cook each week.

What’s Included

VeganWeekly is the newsletter component  of my web-based project called – the internet space I use to inspire people to cook healthy and delicious plant-based food. The concept for this publication is simple:  I put together 2-3 seasonal vegan recipes to try each week and send them directly to your email inbox – basically a weekly vegan menu plan. And I make sure to include information on ingredients and modern plant-based cooking techniques.

Much of what I produce and send out weekly is available to everyone for free…well except the recipes – those will cost a bit beginning in October. Full access to VeganWeekly newsletter and website will cost €5/month or €35/year – that’s roughly equivalent to a single cup of coffee each month (one year subscribers to receive VeganWeekly at no additional cost).

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